At Tide Ocean Ship Management (TOSM), we have an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments to offer the best management services you want- when and where you need them.

We have highly experienced and skilled HR professional’s team having knowledge in the Offshore and Onshore industry. Tide Ocean Ship Management (TOSM) is the best place to meet your maritime job needs. We assure the best Manning and recruitment services worldwide for both offshore and onshore industry.

The Company is committed to the highest level of quality with cost effectiveness without compromising on quality and Client Satisfaction. At Tide Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd., we are specialised in the services related to Crewing, Ship Management, Crew Management, Ship and Crew Agency, Marine Consultancy, Human Resources ashore. We manage the recruitment, training and deployment of Marine officers, engineers and crews for offshore and onshore industry.

Our third party ship Management services include technical management, crew management, vessel accounting services, risk management & systems. We also offer dry docking and new building supervision. Our experiences and strengths in ship management are enhanced by this long tradition of operating a global fleet of commercial vessels. We strive to maintain and extend our tradition and reputation for high-quality, professional services to the worldwide maritime industry.

Tide Ocean Ship Management is a leading global provider of ship management services, with an international presence in the field of Ship Management Services, we are now working with various clients, driven by our passion for ships. We are committed and engage in all areas of ship management, crew management and Technical Management for all types and sizes of ships. Tide Ocean Ship Management sets the bar in modern ship management and we do not compromise on quality. We work with our clients through open and honest dialogue, as building trust is central to what we do. We set high standards across all aspects of our business and continuously invest to surpass them. We want to create a positive impact in our communities and we do this by doing the right things on the right way and by remaining true to ourselves – genuine, spirited, practical and empathetic.