Shipboard inventory takes up more than 25% of the OPEX budget.  At present in marine industry shipboard crew spends most of the time on operational compliance of vessels due to strict regulatory framework makes shipboard inventory a low priority & often neglected task.

Keeping shipboard inventory in up to date condition gives better visibility of assets laying on shelf, exact requirement of spares in near future along with better control of OPEX budget. Tide Ocean Ship Management has expertise to deliver accurate, reliable & most organized inventory control solutions to its marine & offshore clients at reasonable cost have (15 year experienced in  (LNG vessels QMAX World largest gas tanker) with major oil SHELL)

When to carry out inventory control project

  • Post PMS Rollout on vessel
  • Post Dry docking of vessel
  • During change of vessel management
  • During yard delivery of vessel
  • Spare Gear spending is high

Manual Inventory Control

Tide Ocean Ship Management possesses expertise to carry out manual inventory control in very unique ways to track each and every single spare part physically and update it into vessel’s inventory system/PMS making it visible to shore-based management. Our inventory control engineers are mariners with vast experience in carrying out inventory of vessel spare gear accurately with amazing speed. Try us for pilot vessel project to know our expertise.

Automated Inventory Control

Tide Ocean Ship Management has developed automated solution for carrying out inventory onboard. Our system is highly accurate and time saving. Initial set up of the inventory is exactly similar to manual inventory control. There after vessel crew can take inventory of complete vessel spare gear in less than 15 minutes. Higher level of automation even will make inventory visible to shore-based management in real-time.