Tide Ocean Ship Management (TOSM) are in the business of attracting, developing and retaining the best set of crew for you. Our management centres are supported by global manning offices to recruit skilled seafarers and coordinate all crewing needs.

Crew Management Includes:

  • Tide Ocean Ship Management is responsible for manning of vessels under a crew management contract.
  • Crew management includes the sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, and scheduling, Training/upgrading programs.
  • On-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels under crew management contracts.

Our Crewing Services Includes:
  • Recruiting
  • Co-ordination of manning officers and crewing needs for vessel
  • Pro-active communication with client
  • Training of crew
  • Accounting
  • Cost control
  • Follow up of protection and indemnity insurance
  • Payroll services
  • Ensuring compliance according to industry standards (medical, visa, certificates)
  • Travel co-ordination


The crewing team at TOSM provides all administrative aspects of crew requirements including travel plan for joining vessel, visa, repatriation, payment and accounting of wages, overtime and bonus. All assistance regarding medical tests, fitness certifications and working gear as per safety/environmental protection policy of the Company. The team also ensures all certifications are in place under the flag state requirements.