Shipping is a business and the ‘management team’ on board plays a pivotal part in making it profitable. The competency requirements being mainly focused on technical skills, the commercial aspects are a grey area for many on board. There we also fully train the senior ship staff about the financial side of the business, with the aim of improving cost-effectiveness of shipboard functioning. Through our Chartering service, PSMPL has commercially managed large fleets of all tonnage types on behalf of various banks and Principals and is able to offer this service, including Post Fixture operations.

Using an extensive experience, we can provide clients with competitive services for tankers which encompasses:

  • Commercial operation of Vessel
  • Ship Chartering and Broking
  • Sale Purchase Inspection/ Condition Survey
  • Class Surveys
  • Port Captaincy, Draft Survey, Bunker Survey
  • Demolition Voyage
  • Negotiating and concluding periodic charters
  • Market analysis on chartering possibilities
  • Assisting with the employment of vessels
  • Commercial legal matters
  • Sale and purchase of second-hand ships
  • Charterer liaison
  • Vessel performance control
  • P&I/cargo claims
  • Voyage instructions to masters
  • Charter party disputes